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I Thought YOU Were Going to Do It!

It's a familiar song in many households… "I thought you were going to clean up the dishes!" "Well, I thought YOU were supposed to do it!" Does this sound familiar? If you are a regular reader, you'll probably know that I talk about organizing in terms of Prevention, Reduction, and Maintenance– just like weight loss…. Read more »

Is Your Stuff Speaking to You? What Is It Saying?

I was just writing responses in our member message boards today (our expert team provides unlimited consultation to our members 7 days a week, in case I haven't told you!). One of our members is saving a wheelchair that used to be her mother's, just in case she might need it herself someday. It got… Read more »

Top Five JUMBO Space Hogs in Your Home

I love the concept of "low-hanging fruit," the things that are easiest to do that bring fast, significant rewards. Identifying large clutter that you can easily remove is a great way to reclaim your space. Here are five of the biggest "space hogs" that we see in clients' homes that are so easy to resolve…… Read more »

The Mental Clutter of Defeatist Language

I have written recently a couple of posts on mental clutter– "The Poisonous Mental Clutter of Worry" and "Ease Your Mind Using the Bookmark Principle." Continuing on that theme, today I want to discourage you from thinking discouraging thoughts and speaking defeatist language about yourself and to yourself. I have often heard clients and our… Read more »

You Love Your Stuff– Does It Love You Back?

It's Valentine's Day this weekend– a time for focusing on LOVE! Beyond whom you love, let's talk for a moment about WHAT you love.  When I work with clients, so often we are going through items and they happily exclaim, "Oh, I LOVE this (fill in the blank)!" They get to say this a few… Read more »

Apology from a Mess Apologist

A few years ago, a series of articles and books were saying that there are good things about being messy, that we shouldn't "let the neat freaks push us around." (I wrote a little about it back then on this post called "The Mess Apologists.") One of the books was particularly snarky and unnecessarily insulting… Read more »

Why Did I Throw Away My Shoes?

[UPDATE 1/22/10: Many have written or tweeted to tell me I should have recycled my shoes here instead with Nike's ReUse a Shoe program! Point well taken!] I walk on my treadmill a LOT– some of you might remember my posts on "workwalking." I also read my Kindle on my treadmill, and it's very… Read more »

The Poisonous Mental Clutter of Worry

In my book I've identified three main types of clutter: Purchased: Physical items for which you pay money to bring into your home. Acquired: Physical items you bring into your home that come from your mailbox, gifts, school and work, freebies/giveaways, inheritances, and other people's storage. Allowed: Time and communication clutter like overscheduled calendars, unnecessary… Read more »

You Can Do This! 5 Ways to Make Resolutions That Stick

Happy New Year! It's a beautiful day of hope, renewal, and self-reflection. Many people contact us and join our program to get organized during this time. It's a smart and rewarding endeavor! However, many people make the mistake of setting themselves up for disappointment by not being realistic with their resolutions for change.   Here are five… Read more »

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