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Spring Cleaning Myths… and Resources

People always ask us about Spring Cleaning, and I love the idea and energy of throwing open the windows and starting fresh with your house, reflecting all of the new life and beauty around us outside! When I talk with people about Spring Cleaning, however, the first thing I want to tell them is that… Read more »

Organizing for Guests: How to Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Anyone having guests for Spring Break, for Easter, or for a graduation or wedding?  I just had houseguests myself and it reminded me that guests are a great motivator! Just like having a party, having guests can propel you into action in the most surprising ways, helping you get organized and be proud and enjoy… Read more »

Laziness is a Gift

I hear the members of our online organizing program sometimes talking in our message boards or on our member webinars about how they didn't get something done because they "are lazy." Let's pause for a moment for a couple of points: Speaking negatively about yourself in a permanent way ("I AM lazy" vs. "I felt… Read more »

Your Organizing Tipping Point: When To Get Help

When people find out what I do, the response is typically a joke about their own level of disorganization, or that of someone close to them. "Oh, can you come to my house?" or "Ha! My boss really needs you." With a few exceptions, nearly everyone feels they could use some help with getting organized…. Read more »

Do You Have TPOT Syndrome?

Many of us get stuck in this procrastination trap I call TPOT Syndrome… "There's Plenty Of Time." You know, when you say, "Sure, I can get that done, but there's no hurry, There's Plenty Of Time, I will just do it tomorrow." Maybe you sit and have a cup of tea first. 🙂 That might… Read more »

My Brain Needs a Defrag

When your computer hard drive slows down, you can run a defragmentation utility on it, rearranging the pieces of its memory to make it work better again. Sure wish you could do that for your brain! I've been traveling a lot recently and have had several projects going at once, along with everything that I… Read more »

Location, Location, Location: Find Important Things FAST!

In the organizing world we often tell people that everything should have a home, which is very good advice. Usually we’re speaking in generalities about how food goes in the pantry or toiletries go in the bathroom, but today I want to talk about very specific homes for very specific things. Yesterday I was with… Read more »

You Can Lead a Person to Rice Cakes But You Can’t Make Her Eat

Today we had a webinar with Rubbermaid to teach people about "The Motivational Secrets to Staying Organized." (We are repeating this free event Wednesday night, January 26, 2011, at 8:00pm Central, 9:00pm Eastern. Click here to register.) One of the questions we got from a participant was about what to do about her mother's clutter… Read more »

Never Do Laundry Again

Yes, you heard me… never do laundry again! I just figured out how to make that happen. Recently I was doing some journaling on the question my friend Wendy Lipton-Dibner poses in her book, Shatter Your Speed Limits: "If I woke up tomorrow morning and magically found I had everything I truly wanted, how would… Read more »

Paper or Plastic? 5 Ways Paper Sacks Can Help You Organize

Before I write anything else, I want to say that I greatly prefer reusable bags for shopping, rather than receiving a new bag at the checkout. But if you forget your bags, you might need to answer the "Paper or plastic?" question. I have found so many uses for paper bags in organizing projects that… Read more »

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