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Clutter Video Tip: Tips for Better Networking & Learning at Seminars

All I really need to know I learned… from The Clutter Diet. Okay, maybe not “all” you need to know ;), learning is a lifelong process. If you attend conventions and seminars you may be spending a lot of money to hit the books. Watch this video (at to help you make the grade and make new friends. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player.)



Hi, I’m Lorie Marrero, and today’s Clutter Video Tip is about how to organize yourself to learn better. I know a lot of people who attend conferences and seminars and there are a couple of great reasons for doing that. First, networking with other people, and secondly, obviously, that you want to learn what you’re there to learn. Sometimes you’ve spent a lot of money to go there and to learn the stuff, so you really want to have some good strategies to set you up and prepare you to learn as best you can. So, I will share some of those with you today that I do.

First, I pack with me some simple sticky notes. I usually bring a couple of different colors in just this size, and the reason is that you’re going to get probably a notebook at an event like this that is, you know, a workbook for you to take a lot of good notes in and follow along with the speaker. And you can obviously see how I have marked the pages up with these post-it notes. You can mark things that the speaker frequently goes back to. You can also mark things that you might want to do later as homework or exercises, and other reasons that you might want to mark the pages. So, this is really great and everyone’s going to see you do this, so what you want to do is pack enough of these to share. So that’s another networking tip for you, you can rip off a little pad of these and hand them to the people next to you, and they’ll be very grateful.

So, I carry this purse pack with me that you may have seen in some of my other videos where I have some pens and highlighters and other little office supplies, like these sticky notes that are great for note taking. And then what I also have in here are things to keep me comfortable throughout the day. You’re going to be sitting in a seminar room all day long. You might need some tissues, you might want to go take a break and use one of these disposable toothbrushes. But one of the best things that I have in here are these little breath strips. We all know that when we’re doing a lot of networking and shaking hands with a lot of new people, we really need to make sure that we’re not going to offend anyone. This is also something great to share with your new friends. So, that’s another thing you can do for better networking.

Also with networking you want to bring some business cards, and most people do have some kind of case like this where they’ve packed a few cards. But what you also want to do is pack a back stock of extra business cards in your suitcase. Put a rubber band around them, put them in a zippered bag, and just tuck them away in a little out-of- the-way pocket in your suitcase and you’ll always have them available in case of an emergency.

And finally, I want to talk about managing your energy when you go to one of these seminars. You really may not realize how much mental energy it takes to follow along and learn like this all day. We haven’t been in school like this since we were little kids, all day long, sitting in a chair. So you need to have some healthy snacks to keep you going. And again, the theme of sharing as a good networking tool, you want to bring enough snacks to share with other people. So, I always have in here some nuts, almonds, pistachios are great, and different kinds of health bars. I have some green tea in here. And some wipes for cleaning off my hands before I eat because I might not want to get up to do that. So this is another really good way to make sure that you can learn the best in a seminar.

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See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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