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Stop Living With It and Fix It!

I just got a new phone this week (a Samsung Galaxy S III Android, if you must know), and it is heavenly. I had an Android phone before that was over 2 years old, and it had run out of memory. I use my phone constantly for business and travel, so this was not good…. Read more »

Do You Have TPOT Syndrome?

Many of us get stuck in this procrastination trap I call TPOT Syndrome… "There's Plenty Of Time." You know, when you say, "Sure, I can get that done, but there's no hurry, There's Plenty Of Time, I will just do it tomorrow." Maybe you sit and have a cup of tea first. 🙂 That might… Read more »

Top Ten Low-Tech Productivity Tools

With all the attention given to our fun gadget phones and our ever-present computers and laptops, we forget that there are some classic low-tech tools that make all the difference to our daily living and our work. I have teamed up with my Twitter friend Dane Findley (see bio below) to give you our top… Read more »

Don’t Confuse Activity with Accomplishment!

This week in our monthly members-only webinar, where we do "freestyle" Q&A with me and my expert team, someone asked us what our favorite organizing books were (besides The Clutter Diet book, of course). Before I go on with my point, I am going to tell you what we said, because if I don't, I… Read more »

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