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Save Money and Cool Off by Organizing Your Freezer

  780754884_b8cc2159e0_o Hot outside? Open the freezer, if you can… is it crowded and cluttered? Do you have UFOs (Unidentified Frozen Objects)? Organizing your freezer can save you time and money and cool you down all at the same time. I'll show you how in this week's Good Housekeeping Home Style blog.

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Evelyn Cucchiara

I keep plastic baskets in my freezer to subsort – frozen veggies in one, frozen fruit for smoothies in another, leftovers in a third. Makes it easy to pull one out & see what I have while planning menus.


I have a question about freezer organization. My freezer has a little built-in shelf for ice cubes trays, and has a wire slide-out drawer in the lower third. The rest of it is open (and it’s not that large). Sometimes I have a hard time using that space efficiently.
We put things like freezer packs and flat-packed tortillas underneath the drawer, and things like frozen vegetables in the drawer. But it still seems that I have a lot of leftover space that’s hard to use.
Items like seasonal fruit or veggies frozen in cubes works for me. Ice cream I can stack. But then I have things like bakers yeast and frozen fish and leftover bread. Any ideas on storing things more efficiently so I can fit more in my available space? I do keep a list of what I store, and that helps me keep track of what I have, at least.


Hi Marie- thank you for posting your question! Have you seen my video on Helper Shelves ( This may be a good solution for filling up & out the vertical space in your freezer. Let me know if this helps or if you find another solution.


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