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Get a Head Start on a Fresh Start!

It’s holiday time, and that means New Year’s Resolutions are right around the corner. It’s a new decade and a new opportunity. Let’s celebrate by getting a head start on a fresh start! The New Year season is the biggest time of year for the organizing business. People want to get organized as much as… Read more »

Less is More, Charlie Brown

I grew up in the 70s waiting eagerly for the one time of year that the holiday specials would be shown on broadcast television. You see, young whippersnappers, we lived and died by the TV Guide schedule. We could not have our own copy of any of these shows to watch at our leisure on… Read more »

Lorie’s Favorite Things 2009 (Geek Edition)

Last year I did a holiday "Favorite Things" list, kind of like Oprah does, except that I cannot possibly put these things under your chairs for all of you. (Here is the link for last year's list.) I thought it was so much fun, I wanted to do it again. These items may not necessarily be for organizing– they are… Read more »

Practice Clutter Portion Control on Black Friday!

We are fast approaching the busiest shopping season, starting this Friday! Are you going to bring home gifts for your loved ones, or more "stuff" that will clog up your home? Do you need to participate at all? In the weight loss world, one of the best tricks to lose weight is to pay attention… Read more »

Holiday Planning- Just Do It!

When I was in high school and college, I had this procrastination habit of doing all of the little nagging things I “needed” to do first before sitting down to do the hard work of writing a research paper. I would make my bed, clean my room… I would organize things… I would make sure… Read more »

3 Tips for an Organized Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, why not plan ahead and give thanks to YOURSELF for being so organized? Imagine enjoying the preparations and festivities more and not feeling so rushed and scattered! Here are a few tips to help: Shop smart & avoid last-minute grocery trips. Here's a great tip from my own mom: Right now, in advance, write… Read more »

Lorie’s Favorite Things 2008

I would never presume to think of myself as like The Great Oprah, but I do have some Favorite Things of my own that I would love to share in this holiday season! People do ask me often for gift ideas, so I wanted to put some thoughts together here. Gift Subscriptions: People who… Read more »

Putting Off Putting Away the Holiday Decorations?

If you are procrastinating the idea of putting away all of your holiday decorations, you are not alone! Sunday’s Austin American-Statesman featured my tips on how to get this done with the least amount of pain and trouble. You can read the full article on our In the News page, and here are a few… Read more »

Real Cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas

Last year at this time I wrote a post about how the PNC Christmas Price Index (check out their ticker!) tracks the cost of the items in the Twelve Days of Christmas song, and I wanted to revisit that in celebration of the season. The July minimum wage increase with its resulting rise in the… Read more »

Organizing Your Stocking Stuffers

I have been doing this for years, and it occurred to me that you might like to use my method for organizing stocking stuffer items prior to the big day. Christmas stockings are a big deal in my family. There are usually some gag gifts given by the male family members. They love to shop… Read more »

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