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Grocery Shopping Lists: Are You Old-School or High-Tech?

IMAG0133.2 Along with the classic "What's for dinner?" question, we often hear ourselves saying its corollary, "What do we need at the store?" Check the Good Housekeeping Home Style blog for some outstanding ways to keep your grocery list, both old and new. Then let us know in the comments which you prefer.

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I prefer a list on paper. That’s just me. I have a phone for emergencies and could care less about all the apps and such. I’m definitely old school and always will be I suppose. Nothing wrong with that.

Kia @ A View From Here

I’m old school for shopping lists.
I can scribble down what I need on paper much quicker than I can get out my phone, select the appropriate memo or app and then type in what I need.
I keep a printed shopping list page on the fridge door and just jot down anything I need as I use it or it gets low. If I don’t note it down there are then the chances are I’ll forget about it by the time dinner is all done and I’m sat down near my phone.
It also means that hubby can take the list without needing to take my phone 😉


I’m very much a paper person, but I start with a pair of small white boards on my fridge. One is for my menus for the week, and the other is for jotting down items I need, arranged by store. My spouse contributes to that too. When I go shopping, I’ll write down my list on a sticky note grouped by sections of the store in the order I’ll pass them. I do keep a spreadsheet for tracking prices.

Evelyn Cucchiara

A bit of both. I have computer lists, but I print them out and then sit down with a cup of tea and plan the menus for the week. Wouldn’t be as much of a ritual if I was doing the entire thing online.


Looks like paper is the big winner here. The important thing is to find a system that works for you and your household. Thank you all for the comments!


We have a different method. We have a whiteboard. When it’s time to go to the store we take a picture with the phone. When we’re done just delete the photo.


Hi Suzi- What I like about your method is that like my app you can share it, and let someone else do the shopping. Thanks for sharing!


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