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Don’t Watch This! ;) Take My Challenge… | Clutter Video Tip

It’s really not like me to tell you what not to do. With your home organizing, I tend to work with your style rather than against it. But there is something you are doing that is making your organization goals more difficult to attain. Do watch this video and start on your stopping now. 😉

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero and I am a human tip dispenser. That’s right! I’m constantly giving tips. Here on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, everywhere. The media calls me. They want tips. Everybody wants quick shortcut ideas. And that’s fantastic, and I so appreciate you being here. Thank you for watching my YouTube videos.

I do want you to consider though that it may be a way to procrastinate. When I was in high school and college I used to procrastinate writing my research papers. I had a giant list of little things that I could knock off my list and do. I could do my laundry and organize my closet and all kinds of little things and they were all feeling very productive, but it was an excellent rationalization why not to work on my paper.

So when you are looking on Pinterest and watching these videos on YouTube, you’re educating yourself and that’s fantastic. But remember, tips are not the answer. Massive action is the answer. There is no substitute. So don’t fool yourself. You are going to have to roll up your sleeves, make some decisions, and dig in to your clutter and go through it and organize it.

So you don’t need a special notebook, you don’t need to wait for perfect weather, your laundry doesn’t all have to be done – just do it!

I am on a new social media platform now; it’s called Periscope. YouTube is kind of like if I’m giving a speech and you’re listening to me, sort of one-way give a speech. Periscope is live broadcasting. I’m on about five days a week, usually on the weekdays, and you can follow me on Periscope, and you can get notifications when I go live, and we can actually have a chat. So, it’s more like if we’re having coffee or something. If you use the apps on your smart phone such as, you know, an Iphone or an Android phone, you can do the Periscope App, and you can tap on the screen to give me hearts to let me know that you’re listening, that you agree, or that you like what I’m doing. I got this for Valentine’s Day recently, and I thought this was so cute. I can give you hearts back. So come to Periscope, give me some hearts, and interact with me.

What I’d like to do is challenge you to a task that you’re putting off right now. So, something you’re procrastinating. Come into Periscope one of these afternoons and let me know that you took this challenge, and you got it done. So I’d love to interact with you and celebrate with you there. So, come give me some hearts. I’m going to give you some hearts right now. And I’ll see you there on Periscope. Thank you for watching. And may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

You may have been searching for tips for how to stop procrastinating. 


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