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7 Tips for Thrift Shopping Success! | Clutter Video Tip

Everyone loves a good bargain. But how do you navigate second hand shops for the best deal? Watch this video for the strategies that I use to find great deals at my local Goodwill store. Following these tips will not only stretch your dollar, but they will also make your shopping time less stressful and… Read more »

What Do I Do Now? | Clutter Video Tip

Do you laugh when someone asks what you do in your “free time”? When you do get a moment to yourself do you get stuck and wind up doing the same old thing? Watch this video to help you make your “free time” more fulfilling. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see… Read more »

Too Tired to Organize…? | Clutter Video Tip

Getting through your daily life can make your brain feel like it’s swimming in molasses. The decision making process uses lots of brain power, and it can lead to fatigue and even a rash decision or two by the end of the day. Watch this video for strategies to help clear your mind. (Click here… Read more »

Morning Routine Shortcuts | Clutter Video Tip

Shortcuts can have a ripple effect that runs through your entire day. Seemingly small steps can really add up to less stress as you move through your daily routine. So, what better time to start than the morning? Watch this video for some of my favorite shortcuts for getting going in the morning. (Click here… Read more »

Jewelry Organizing Tips | Clutter Video Tip

Lovey Howell and Ginger understood the importance of proper jewelry storage and being prepared for “what-if” situations. Your pendants, pearls and charms are small and easily misplaced so figuring out the right way to organize jewelry is important. So, just sit right back and watch this tale of strategies to store your baubles and beads…. Read more »

How to Organize Food Storage Bags, Wraps and Foil | Clutter Video Tip

Arrrgh! Foiled again! Is that how you feel every time you reach for your aluminum foil or plastic wrap? Don’t get left holding the bag because your zippered baggies are disorganized. Watch this video to keep these essential kitchen tools under wraps. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player…. Read more »

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