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Jewelry Organizing Tips | Clutter Video Tip

Lovey Howell and Ginger understood the importance of proper jewelry storage and being prepared for “what-if” situations. Your pendants, pearls and charms are small and easily misplaced so figuring out the right way to organize jewelry is important. So, just sit right back and watch this tale of strategies to store your baubles and beads.

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Hi I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet Book and online program, and today, we’re talking about jewelry. I am not talking about jewelry that is valuable and requires a safe or special insurance policies. I’m talking about every-day jewelry that you don’t mind leaving out and wearing on a daily basis.

The first question is, “What space do I have to store this jewelry?” Do you have wall space, dresser-top space, floor space, or no space at all? Let’s first talk about dresser-top space and jewelry armoires. You can do lots of different things with them. Remember the goal of any organizing project is visibility, and this gives you great visibility to a collection of necklaces. Accessibility is your other goal; you can easily grab these necklaces and even store them on top of each other and still get to them pretty easily.

What you want to look for with these jewelry, necklace hooks is that there’s some sort of receptacle at the bottom of the door so that these longer necklaces have a place to go when it’s time to shut the door. Also, you want to look for some slide-out trays; that’s the most efficient use of space. This one was given to me as a gift.  If I were shopping for one today, I would look for trays that go all the way up. I don’t really need to have this mirror back here. But the idea, obviously, is that you could use all that vertical space that’s wasted. Pull out trays allow you to make a selection and put it back and it’s really nice for your, again, visibility and accessibility.

So you want to look for little ring trays. This holds rings and pins. And this is a big, I don’t know, a “no-no” or “mistake” or a “don’t buy.” Things that are supposed to hold earrings that are, I guess, indicated for sticking the post right in here and individually showing them. I don’t know anybody who is tired at the end of day who is taking out their earrings who wants to take the time to individually insert the posts in these little holes. I think most people are lucky to get the earrings back in the jewelry box altogether. So that’s not great, but you can certainly make do if you end up with that kind of option. I would rather see you buy compartments that have little spaces just to put whatever you want in them. So velvet lined means that they cushion your jewelry, it doesn’t make noise, it doesn’t clatter around, and it stays put as you open and close or pull in and pull out these trays.

So this is one option. If you have dresser space, that’s great. If you have floor space, you want to find one of these that has legs like a piece of furniture. They have very large pieces like this that you can buy for usually about a couple of hundred dollars that will store loads of jewelry and they have very large doors for lots of necklaces. Look on-line for “jewelry armoires” and you can find a lot of choices here. If you have drawer space available for you, then you want to find some good inserts. So here’s an example of an insert. You can buy these at closet stores; places that do closet renovations, they sell these. Also, any very large house wares stores will have these. This one is for rings and pins. And then I love this– this is what I was saying earlier – just find something with lots of little compartments that you could put anything in. These are a bunch of earrings. So, you can have the visibility and then easily grab what you want and put it back. They have lots of configurations of these, so look around and see what you want, and then put them in shallow drawers and you’ve got all the visibility you need. If you want, you can even make those drawers lock by buying a simple mechanism and installing it if you do want to lock up some of your jewelry.

If you have no space available for your jewelry, you can think about something like this that you see on the screen. This hangs up in your closet and actually stores a lot of stuff in it. You can have visibility to these earrings here in each little individual pocket with these acrylic pouches that they have. I am a big fan of these. These will hold a lot of stuff in a very small amount of space, and it even hides it away for security if you’re thinking about that. So there you go.

We did get a question from our friend Greta, who wanted to know, “Do you keep those beautiful jewelry boxes with the velvet padding that you receive from the jewelry store itself when you get a new piece of jewelry that’s very nice?” Well, if you want to keep them you can, but most people don’t have room to keep a lot of that. I would say if it makes you happy, keep one box for a ring and one box for earrings in case you want to gift some rings or earrings to someone you’ll have a nice little gift box. I would keep those with your gift boxes instead of with your jewelry, in your gift wrapping area of your house, because that would be the intention for them. But otherwise, there’s not a huge reason to keep them. It’s better if you would put them in a kind of caddy like this, so that you can make a selection out of your jewelry instead of keeping it hidden in a bunch of little boxes that you have to open and re-open to gain your visibility to.

I hope that answers your question, and we can answer lots of your questions in our Member Message Board area. You can come and visit us every single day of the week and our team will answer all of your questions. For the paid members, we have a free version of our program for you to check us out, no credit card required, you can find out more at See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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