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7 Tips for Thrift Shopping Success! | Clutter Video Tip

Everyone loves a good bargain. But how do you navigate second hand shops for the best deal? Watch this video for the strategies that I use to find great deals at my local Goodwill store. Following these tips will not only stretch your dollar, but they will also make your shopping time less stressful and more productive.

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and we did a survey, and you want to know, “How do I find cute things to wear at Goodwill?” As you know, I wear Goodwill clothing in every video here on my channel, so I am sharing today with you my seven best thrift shopping tips.

So, number one, I shop with a list of what I need. Not always, sometimes I do browse, but in general, I know that I need a black pair of shorts or a pair of khakis, or a new blouse for the next video I’m doing, so I am targeted about my search.

Number two, I use the one-in, one-out rule in my closet, which creates a cycle of donating and purchasing, and I want you to think about a flow-in and a flow-out of your closet. When you buy something new, something old has to go, and it needs to be donated. So you can gather up that stuff in your donation station, take it to Goodwill when you go shopping there.

Number three, I shop in an educated way because I know what kinds of colors look the best on me. I had an image consultant help me with this color fan, and I sometimes literally go into the store like this, almost like a little scanner or something where I’m looking for the color matches. I have learned which of these colors look great, and I don’t have to take this with me every time anymore. There are lots of ways to get your colors done. People have businesses doing this, so you can look in your local area. But I highly recommend being educated about what looks good on you and knowing what good fit looks like. So, understanding a little bit about tailoring so that you can understand what is the most flattering.

So that brings me to number four, knowing the brands that are the best quality and that are the best fit for your body type. Different brands cut things different ways and I’ve learned from trying on a lot of clothes that I have certain brands that are cut really well for me. So take the time to pay attention to that.

Number five, speaking of taking your time, take your time in the store. Don’t expect to rush in and rush out. A lot of times thrift stores are not as well organized as a regular boutique store would be, and that’s part of the fun. It’s a treasure hunt, but you need to take your time and try things on. So don’t leave without trying on. It’s really important to do that, and you then can see if things fit and flatter you.

Number six, I have rules about whether to buy something. If it’s not a big yes, it’s a big no. I need it to be, you know, a “10” if I’m going to buy this thing, and I don’t want to have mediocre things that I don’t love. I want things to fit and flatter me today, and I don’t want to buy things that I might lose weight for or I might need to repair. I don’t buy something if it doesn’t go with something I already have. So I already know my closet and I’m only going to buy things that fit in to my current wardrobe.

Number seven, I have classic pieces that I shop for, sometimes not at Goodwill. Sometimes I do get them there, but if you have these certain classic pieces, it makes everything come together better. For example, there are standard colors– brown, black, white, navy – you should have those in all forms. Shorts, pants, jackets, skirts. Once you have all of those standard colors, you can mix and match things that you buy and you’ll know that you always have something to go with them. So look for those staple, classic pieces.

Overall, remember that you can’t really make a mistake, because if you buy something from Goodwill, you’re helping people in your community. So you can always donate it back and many stores have a return policy as well. So try it on, get it. If it doesn’t work, donate it back. And it all costs very little anyway compared to regular retail prices. So you’re going to be doing some good in your community and you’re going to be helping yourself. Have a lot of fun with your wardrobe.

We’ll see you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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