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Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize to Help to Lose Weight and Get Fit

There are so many fad diets and supposed shortcuts to losing weight. Did you know that organizing your space and routines can help you reach your fitness goals? Watch this video for some strategies to make exercising and getting fit less painful and more productive. Losing your Clutter Pounds can also help you lose people pounds.

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today we’re going to talk about how getting organized can actually help you lose weight from your body, not just lose the clutter pounds from your house. You know, we talk about the Clutter Diet as a really fun metaphor for getting more organized in your home and your life, and we have all kinds of little analogies around that. But when you’re looking at your fitness goals for the year, getting organized is key to making that happen.

One of the best ways that getting organized moves you forward to those goals is getting you centered around the right tools. So, using your calendar more regularly can help you schedule in those workouts that you’re trying to do. You want to fit in that run or that visit to the gym; you’ve got to coordinate your schedule with a calendar. Another thing you can use to measure and track some of those fitness goals and organize that information is something that I’m a little bit obsessed with. It’s called a Fitbit. This clips on to my waistline and it counts how many steps I’ve taken that day as well as how many flights of stairs I’ve climbed, how many calories I’ve burned, and it even tracks my sleep if I want to do that. Now, this synchronizes with an on-line account that awards me badges for how many steps I’ve taken or other things that I’ve achieved that day, and it’s kind of ridiculous and silly what I will do to get that next badge, and it’s very, very motivating.

Now, this also synchronizes with some of the other applications that are out there to help you track and organize your information with your eating habits. So I have this example, My Fitness Pal, is one of the best ones I’ve seen out there as far as apps. This is a food diary calorie counting tool that also incorporates your activity and your exercise in, so that you have a clear picture of what your intake is for that day, and it does synchronize with this Fitbit, so it makes it really automated and easy for you to have a record of everything you’ve been doing and you can track that as long as you need to get towards those goals you have.

Another way that getting organized helps you lose weight is that it gives you access to the gear you need. If you have cleared the clutter from your home and your physical environment, you’re more able to find those tennis shoes when it’s time to take a walk, and if your treadmill’s not covered with clothing, you’re more likely to use it, and if your gym bag is already packed, you’re much more likely to make it to the gym with that equipment.

Also, if you have an organized kitchen you’re much more likely to cook at home, which is much healthier than eating out at a restaurant where you have, at home, more control over the fat and sugar and salt and the portion size of the food that you’re eating. And when you’re organized at home, you also are usually planning a lot better and you’re planning menus and you’re planning snacks, and if you are going to work knowing that you’re going to have a snack in the afternoon, you’re probably going to pack an apple with you instead of taking that visit to the vending machine late in the afternoon when you’re really hungry and not thinking as clearly.

So if you want some help planning those menus, we have this product that’s called What to Eat, and I use this every week during my Sunday planning time, that we have another video about, and this is just a place to write down what my decisions are for the meal planning for that week. It helps the rest of the family know what’s being served for dinner, and it helps me remember what I decided so in the morning I can pull something out of the freezer or put something in the crock pot. You can find information about this on our on-line store with this link here on the screen.

See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

You may have been searching for how to get organized to meet weight loss goals in the new year.

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