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Clutter Video Tip: 3 Quick Closet Fixes for Under $20

Each week we are posting a one-minute-ish quick video tip on something useful and practical that you can apply right away! Can you walk in your walk-in closet? Take the stressing out of dressing by following this advice; and enjoy a more peaceful morning routine. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player.)



Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero and today’s Clutter Video Tip is three quick fixes for your closet for about $20. The first one is a valet rod. These telescope in and out. They install really easily and you can use them for putting your clothing out for the next morning that you’re going to wear. You can also stage your clothing for packing for a trip, and you can bring home your stuff from the dry cleaner with all the plastic on it and have an easy way to just manage that and take all of the plastic off.

Shelf dividers are a great way to keep stacks of clothing from falling over on each other, like sweaters or T-shirts or shorts or even jeans. Here I have some acrylic shelf dividers and these you can get for about $17. You can see how easy these are to install, you just slide them right onto the shelf and they go right between the stacks and keep them separate.

Our simple division garment organizers are another quick way you can bring order to your closet so that you can create sections of clothing and label the groups. Here we have sleeveless blouses right next to the short-sleeve blouses; they’re separated by one of these dividers and labeled. And you can also manage different sizes of clothing so that if you have things that are too big or too small, we have labels for that too.

See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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