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The Closet Workout: Ten Essential Maintenance Habits

Last week a magazine editor asked me if there are little habits people can adopt to keep their closets under control. Here's my answer…The Ten Essential Closet Maintenance Habits: Stop and hang things up regularly. Put your shoes away each day. Have a regular “hanger rotation process” back and forth to the utility room. Fold… Read more »

Simple Division® is Getting Famous!

Just wanted to celebrate– our Simple Division® Garment Organizers product was featured in the August issue of Parents Magazine! (page 88) We are getting flooded with orders– thank you so much! Click here to see this on our media page with a scan of the article. I also wanted to mention the write-up our products… Read more »

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

Are you a runner who has t-shirts from lots of races? Or a sorority sister with t-shirts from all of the parties and events from your college years? Many people have copious amounts of these t-shirts taking up space in their drawers and closets and they will never wear them again, but they are representing… Read more »

Don’t Cook? Use Your Kitchen as a Closet

I saw a great Citi ad today in the two front pages of a magazine…I scanned the ad in here so you can click this thumbnail for a larger version. This woman says she lives in a tiny apartment and she doesn’t cook, so instead she uses her kitchen as a walk-in closet. It shows… Read more »

3 Approaches to Tackling Your Closet

The weekly "menu" plan that we provide to our paid Clutter Diet members is featuring Master Closets this week. It’s a great New Year project, because it’s one of the first and last places you see every day, with great potential for improvement and reduced stress. You can save so much time just having proper… Read more »

How to Choose a Custom Closet Company

Many people may have noticed the increasing advertising presence of large custom closet companies such as California Closets and Closets By Design.  There also seem to be more smaller local companies doing closets and garages than ever before.  If you are interested in getting a new closet designed, how do you make sense of which… Read more »

What’s a “Family Closet?”

A few days ago I posted about innovative ideas for handling the transport and efficient flow of laundry, including having two laundry rooms, two dryers, laundry chutes, and other thoughts.  What if you turn this entire thing on its ear?  The whole struggle centers around carting laundry to and from bedrooms, right?  There is a… Read more »

Closets are the new master baths

From the new 744-page Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook: The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home: "Talk to any Realtor and you will hear this over and over: Closets are the new master baths. Storage is now more important to home buyers than giant bathrooms. The closets need to be big, with sensible… Read more »

Closet Confessions

According to an poll quoted in O Magazine’s September 2006 issue (4034 respondents), here’s what people confess about their closets, with my comments in blue: The majority of respondents estimate they own 100 items of clothing.This is WAY underestimated! My guess is 2-3 times that much.60 percent say they have not seen the back… Read more »

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