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The Closet Workout: Ten Essential Maintenance Habits

Hangersinarow Last week a magazine editor asked me if there are little habits people can adopt to keep their closets under control. Here's my answer…The Ten Essential Closet Maintenance Habits:

  1. Stop and hang things up regularly.
  2. Put your shoes away each day.
  3. Have a regular “hanger rotation process” back and forth to the utility room.
  4. Fold and put away all of your clothing after washing.
  5. Straighten and refold stacks as needed.
  6. Straighten and arrange drawers as needed.
  7. Have a designated place to collect items ready for donation.
  8. Change out clothing seasonally (as needed for your climate).
  9. Practice the "One-In-One-Out Rule:" For everything you buy, one old thing has to go.
  10. Use our monthly project model to keep your wardrobe maintained ongoing. We suggest these monthly master closet projects to members in our Clutter Diet virtual consulting program, and the whole Closet Maintenance Calendar plan is enclosed in the packages of our Simple Division® Garment Organizers product. For example, one month we may focus on swimwear and exercise gear, and another month you would organize your jewelry. A little over time is better than a giant overhaul all at once!

Here at the Clutter Diet we talk about organizing in terms of Prevention, Reduction, and Maintenance. Think of these maintenance habits as your regular "Closet Workout" to keep the weight off!

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Ellen Delap

The maintenance is just as important as setting up the system. Hanging things up critical to get things back in order. Thanks for these great tips for getting that part done!

Phylllis Harb

I purchased the hanger Simple Division Garment Organizers. My cleaning woman does my laundry and this helps her in putting the clothes away in a systematic order. I highly recommend them for everyone who has household help.

Lola Meyer

Our laundry room has a 9′ closet rod mounted above the washer and dryer. We hang all our clothes on hangers to dry and then they go directly to the closet. Sometimes we will fluff things just a bit in the dryer before it goes on the hanger. This keeps us from having to fold anything and having to maintain those pesky stacks of sweaters, etc… Also, it saves considerably on the electric bill.


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