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Closet Confessions

According to an poll quoted in O Magazine’s September 2006 issue (4034 respondents), here’s what people confess about their closets, with my comments in blue:

The majority of respondents estimate they own 100 items of clothing.
This is WAY underestimated! My guess is 2-3 times that much.
60 percent say they have not seen the back of their closet for months.
The back? How about the floor?  One of my clients said that she knew there was a problem when she threw something in there and something threw it back.
10 percent purchase new clothing at least once a week.
This is probably about right. What bothers me is people buying things they already have (another black turtleneck, another white shirt) because they don’t know they have it.
Jeans were ranked 1st as most difficult article to buy (by a landslide).
OK, what about swimsuits? 🙂
31 percent own approximately ten pairs of jeans.
Our experience shows some of these are "skinny jeans" and some are "fat jeans" and some were purchased and just did not work out.
12 percent own more than 50 pairs of shoes.
The Container Store says the average woman owns 40 pairs.
24 percent say they look in their closet every single morning and say, "I have nothing to wear."
69 percent wish and pray for more closet space.
Taking some time to get organized can help you find a lot more space and see what you have so you can choose outfits better and shop more effectively.  If you are a member, log into our Knowledge Base to get some guidelines on how to approach your closet!

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