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The Clutter Diet Blog Goodwill encourages spring cleaning

Staff report Goodwill Industries International is offering five expert tips to help conquer spring cleaning and develop new habits to keep organized all year. Lorie Marrero is a Certified Professional Organizer, Women’s Day contributing editor and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of… Read more »

The Most Dangerous Word in Clutter | Clutter Video Tip

Cher once said “words are like weapons, they wound sometimes.” Boy, isn’t that the truth? Words are powerful and can even be dangerous. Recognizing this word is only half the battle, watch this video to “turn back time” and learn what to do about it when it comes up. (Click here to watch on YouTube… Read more »

Surprising Advice About Emotional Clutter | Clutter Video Tip

Are sentimental items one of your the biggest organizing roadblocks? Watch this video for strategies for dealing with emotionally charged clutter. You may be surprised at my take on sentimentality. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player. Or watch the video at Transcript: Hi, I’m Lorie Marrero creator… Read more »

Does Feng Shui Really Work? | Clutter Video Tip

You’ve probably heard of Feng Shui, but you might be confused about what it means– or even convinced that it’s just an Eastern philosophy that is not relevant to you. But think again! There are very practical reasons that you should know about why this makes sense! Watch this video to answer what you’ve always… Read more »

All Paper is Not Evil! | Clutter Video Tip

Does picking up your stack of paperwork feel like doing a clean and jerk? Is finding the right piece of paper like going on a caper? You may feel like throwing it all out, but about what you need- there is still a lingering doubt. Have no fear- Lorie is here! Watch this video for… Read more »

Lorie Goes on a Rant… ! | Clutter Video Tip

I have never done this before, but now I am going off on a rant. There is a Thai proverb that says “Confusion is a chicken with shattered eyes.” Watch this video of me picking up the pieces and clearing the air. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest. No chickens were… Read more »

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