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Got Drugs? Old Ones, I Mean?

Organizing bathrooms means you usually have to organize medications. I have seen and organized many drugs throughout the years in clients' homes (most legal, and I pretended not to see any illegal ones…), and there is a huge problem of how to dispose of them safely when no longer needed. I wanted to draw your… Read more »

Windex Here, Windex There, Windex Everywhere?

People often ask me how to organize their cleaning supplies… the main question being whether you should store the supplies together in a central location, or have duplicate supplies throughout the house in each bathroom or on each floor? The answer– it depends! Let's look at some of the factors: Who is cleaning? If you have… Read more »

4 Ways Clutter Can Kill Your Sex Life

Yes, you heard me correctly… I am talking about how clutter affects your time in the bedroom. Although I am not privy to exactly what goes on behind closed doors, I have seen a lot of marital conflict during my 9 years as an organizer, and I have seen a lot of messy spaces that… Read more »

How to Make Your Relaxation Time More Productive

Thursday I spoke at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on a panel about work/life balance. One of the themes that kept coming up in our session was "self-care." My friend Renee Trudeau helped put this panel together, and she is the author of The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal, a beautiful book that helps you deliberately focus on caring for… Read more »

What are these Orange Pills?

Have you ever been confused about identifying medications? When we do organizing projects in bathrooms we often run into UPO’s- "Unidentified Pharmaceutical Objects." People often pack pills in smaller containers to travel with them, and time goes by and they’ve forgotten what they are. We have also organized for clients’ elderly parents, and the number… Read more »

Hang Up Your Towels… and More

One of my favorite bathroom products is the "Hinge-It" towel rack. Why? Because builders are so often short-sighted about the need for towel racks in a bathroom used by many family members. There are almost never enough towel racks. Do I hear an "amen?" So these easily install behind a door by slipping out the… Read more »

Are You Ready for Holiday Guests?

OK, Thanksgiving is next week– what does your guest room look like?  Or if you don’t have a guest room, where exactly are those people going to sleep? Get organized with our handy-dandy Guest Room Checklist.  You’re welcome.   🙂

Too Many Beauty Products?

If you, like many of our clients, have way too many bottles of facial moisturizer, various hair gels,  wrinkle creams, and other kinds of beauty products, have we got a great resource for you! The Cosmetics Cop is a great site that provides product reviews and ingredient glossaries so you can make sense of all… Read more »

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