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7 Sticky Tips for Using Velcro in Organizing Projects

Here's another set of tips inspired by our recent Good Housekeeping clutter makeover contest winner's projects. (See before & afters and get an overview of the contest winner's bounty here…garage and home office) We use Velcro® quite a bit in our work as organizers, you'd be surprised! Here's how:

  • Just like we did for our winner Dana, you can use Velcro to stick routers and cable modems and the like to the sides of furniture instead of being in the way. This photo here is of Dana's router in her office– she had to hold it up on a little tray table in this spot before and it kept her from putting the shredder there, where she really needed it. (Click photo for a larger version)
  • VelcrorouterUse Velcro for remote controls in a bedroom or recreation room, especially lesser-used remotes.
  • Use Velcro for rubber stamps next to the printer in a home office or workplace. (We've stuck the "FAXED" rubber stamp right onto the fax machine many times)
  • Keep in mind that Velcro has a prickly side and a fuzzy side. You might not want the prickly side on your remote control where you'll be holding it! The fuzzy side is soft and pleasant to hold and doesn't grab onto other fabrics, so be mindful of this when placing your Velcro strips.
  • Don't cover up any model numbers or serial numbers that might need to be referenced later. Also make sure to place electronic items somewhere with proper ventilation and space around them to dissipate heat.
  • Place one side of the Velcro on the object with the adhesive backing peeled off, then Velcro the other side to that piece before peeling off its adhesive backing and pressing into place. You want to make sure the two parts will exactly line up/match up after it's all done. (I guess "Velcro" has become a verb, right?)
  • Use "Industrial Strength" Velcro for the best hold, and keep your unused Velcro strips out of heat or extreme temperatures so the adhesive won't fail later. In our professional organizer tool kits we keep an assortment of strips and dots.

There are probably infinite uses for Velcro around your home and office! My friend Monica uses hers to hold chip clips on the back of cabinet doors. (I guess you could call that her "Chip Clip Tip." LOL) What are your favorite Velcro tips?  Share in the comments!

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Eva Wallace

I love the remote control idea. I think I’ll velcro it to our headboard so DH isn’t always keeping it on his side of the bed. 😉 Thanks!

Donna Gagnon

Computer wires all over the floor make it hard to dust so I wrap velcro that sticks to itself around all the wires coming out of the computer. It is easier to clean now and also easy to undo if you need to get to a wire.

Pam Brownlee

I used velcro to attach my phone system around the house, there are 5 different bases. My three cats love to lay everywhere and they kept knocking them off the tables so I put squares of velcro under the bases and so far they are staying down. I love velcro and duct tape.

allison carter

The top to my wood blinds on my windows have a faulty clip. When I called to get replacements I was told the company they are from is out of business. The recommended industrial strength velcro to keep them attached to the top (to cover the blinds mechanism) and it works great!
I also used velcro to baby-proof my drawers when kids were little. It kept them from being able to open the drawers.

terri tiernan

I used velcro on my husband’s favorite light weight jacket after the zipper broke. Because he has Alzheimer’s, replacing the zipper just wasn’t a good idea. The velcro, however, works great in place of buttons !

Christy Knox

A classroom organizing tip: I velcro my students’ name tags to their desks. Then I don’t have to deal with that awful sticky clear contact paper. Also they can put their nametags in their desk if they need a flat surface. And changing seats is so much easier – move the nametag, not the whole desk!


I use velcro to hold my outlet strips in place. I also use it to hang my clip board on the wall near my computer.


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