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TRYING to Wish You a Happy New Year…

Newyearchampagne2 If I am TRYING to wish you a Happy New Year, it's not a very strong wish, is it?  That doesn't make you feel very solid and sure about my intentions.

I bet you've invited someone to a party or event before who said, "I'll try to make it." And you knew right then they were not coming.

My friend Joyce Bone is fond of quoting Yoda, who said:

“Do or do not… there is no try.”

So many of us are in the New-Year's-Resolutions-Making-Mode right now. Consider that the root of "resolutions" is the word RESOLVE. In the dictionary this is a verb meaning "to make a firm decision about" and a noun meaning "firmness of purpose."

How firm are these decisions you're making about the year to come? Are you going to TRY to get more organized, or are you going to DO IT?  What real changes will you make? 

I guarantee that if you are already thinking, "I'll TRY to (fill in the blank here)," you are going to fail. Making changes is a commitment. Making changes requires three things– I have studied this quite a bit:

  • Education: Learning how to do it.
  • Motivation: Having the resolve and the WHY that makes it compelling for you.
  • Support: Getting the help you need when your motivation wavers, as it will.

Most people nail it on the first two, reading a book or watching something on television that inspires them, and they are truly motivated to change, but they forget the missing link— SUPPORT.

If you are serious and "TRY" is not in your vocabulary, make sure you set up support for yourself to make the changes you're resolving for this year. You can do that with a "buddy" system. As I have explained in my book, I get the majority of things done that I accomplish because I have two Motivation Partners whom I talk with every single week. I have done this literally for years. We check in, we push each other, we help each other get unstuck.

If you are trying to get organized, you can partner with a friend, and you can also consider getting support from our team online at We have an entire team of organizing experts– Certified Professional Organizers®– who provide our members with unlimited support, 7 days a week, in our member message board area. You can upload photos to show us what is going on in your space, we'll provide the "Education" you need to get it done, and when you're stuck, we'll be your Motivation Partners too. We have helped thousands of people in 18 countries since 2006– and we do this for about the price of a pizza each month. I am extremely happy that our program has made getting help from Professional Organizers affordable for anyone from anywhere! Click here to read about our membership options and see if it's right for you.

I want to firmly and resolutely wish you the happiest new year possible. I am so grateful for you, my friends, readers, followers, members, and colleagues! Thank you for being in my life and letting me share my messages with you.

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Beverley Griffin

Hello Lorie:
I have been a member for awhile and enjoy your video tips. However, we are now planning to sell our home and retire. I need a plan to get going on this ultra-huge project. I should have done this five years ago but it is so daunting. Raised three children here, it is a two story, four bedrooms, two and a half baths. We are now doing some renovations and I am overwhelmed with the mess. Can you help?? Thank you. Bev

Lorie Marrero

Hi Beverley, we have just the thing! The Improve Your Move Workbook. It’s an eBook I wrote from my extensive moving experience, both personally and with clients. You can get it here: Also, I am not sure what you mean by “member”– are you in our paid program? Sometimes people mistakenly think that subscribing to the blog means being a “member” but we have a whole big program on my flagship site at For moral support and UNLIMITED expert advice to get you thru it, I think you would really enjoy our program & community — you can read about it here at I am sincerely not just saying this to “sell you”– I developed this stuff so I would be able to help people just like you and I have these resources to share! I hope you’ll check these out. Thanks, and I am so glad you like the videos!
– Lorie

McKenna Sheridan

Thank you for pointing out that “TRY” is a weak committment. May I also suggest that using “I WOULD LIKE TO WISH” could be more affirming said “I WISH YOU”. If you would like to wish ….than just do it.
I resolutely and firmly wish you and your support team the happiest new year possible.
Keep up the good work and serv ice you provide.


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