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Lost Luggage Lessons Learned

Since I am on vacation this week, I am enjoying signing on and chiming in here with a few travel tips every few days.  I hope it’s helpful! The organized traveler knows to be prepared for all kinds of contingencies. Ideally, everyone would just carry on their luggage, but nowadays, that can be more challenging… Read more »

Travel Tips

Hi, everyone– I am traveling today with my family, and I got reminded of several little tips I wanted to share with you (while I am sitting here waiting for 2+ hours for a plane). I always travel with a few things that really make things easier: 1)  A clear red poly string envelope for… Read more »

Passport Update– Canada/Mexico Requirement Waived?

I wrote a post a few days ago about making sure you get your passport renewed… wow, it's amazing the effect my blog post had! There has been such a rush on passport processing that it is causing a possible change in State Department Policy!  Just kidding… But read this article from the Associated Press:… Read more »

Do You Know Where Your Passport Is?

We may possibly be traveling in the late summer to Canada, and our children do not yet have a passport.  So we ventured out to get one for them, since you are now required to have one if you are entering Canada or Mexico via airplane. It’s been a long time since I got my… Read more »

Get Organized to Travel Light!

Many of you, my dear readers, may be preparing for an upcoming Spring Break trip or business travel.  With the long lines at security, the taking-off-of-the-shoes, and countless other necessary (?) inconveniences, one is very motivated to get organized to reduce the hassles.  No need to bring clutter along with you when you leave the… Read more »

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