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Travel Tips Roundup

Since I am traveling a whole bunch at the moment, I hope you'll enjoy this digest of tips and strategies for efficient summer travel. With baggage fees as expensive as they are now, getting your belongings pared down to a minimum is more important than ever. Travel light and save money and hassle! My Clutter… Read more »

What Do Boy Scouts Carry In Their Purses?

The Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared." That is also one of the definitions we talk about for being an organized person– being "Ready for Anything" (see our "N.E.A.T.E.R." definition here in this previous blog post). When I think about purses, I definitely think about Being Prepared and carrying what I might need for any… Read more »

Straighten Up & Fly Right

Many of us are gearing up for vacations, and air travel in 2009 is very different from even one year ago. Airfares are cheaper, but airlines are making up the cost in other ways (even, reportedly, charging to use the restroom- I am not kidding- read here). It pays to be organized to avoid unnecessary expenses and… Read more »

Stop the Souvenir Insanity

On my vacation I was just reminded of the importance of PREVENTING clutter in all of our purchasing decisions. "Wow, so many shiny objects! Made by artisans! And they are bargaining with me! What a good deal! And I am really in a buying mood!" Souvenir literally means, in French, "to remember." Think about what… Read more »

I’m Back from Vacation!

Hi everyone! I was gone for a week in Costa Rica, ziplining around the forest and doing some whitewater rafting, seeing a live volcano… it was definitely a change of pace. Here’s a new tip for your family summer travel: It can get pretty confusing when all of your family’s passports look exactly the same…. Read more »

iGo- Don’t Leave Home Without It

I am in Los Angeles today, where tonight we find out if Clutter Diet won the "Best Website" award for our industry at the LA NAPO Chapter Organizing Awards. Wish me luck! Since I am traveling, I am once again delighted to the point of almost squealing about using my cool iGo charger. (OK, I… Read more »

Get Creative to Get Through Security

I just traveled recently and really did not want to check bags, so wanting to comply with the "3-1-1" airline regulation of putting your liquids and gels in a quart-size plastic zip-top bag, I looked around for creative solutions. I had this 7-section stacking pill container that I got from Container Store, and I decided… Read more »

Get Organized for a Relaxing Fall Getaway

For my USA readers who are getting ready to travel this week for Thanksgiving, I thought you might enjoy an article I wrote for Lifetime Television called "Organize for a Relaxing Fall Getaway." It was not specifically written for Thanksgiving travel, but the concepts certainly apply… One thing for sure–if you are flying, get there… Read more »

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

With many of us traveling for the holiday weekend here in the US, I thought I would share this really novel travel resource: It’s an interactive packing and preparation list that walks you through all of the things you need to do before your trip. You get to choose whether it’s a trip to… Read more »

Summer Travel Tips Update

In continued celebration of summer traveling, here are a few tips and updates for the organized traveler! First, I just found this great translator picture book called "Point It." I have seen other "point to the picture" language assisting tools, but this one looks like it might be the best one. It’s certainly well-rated by… Read more »

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