Closed September 2017

To Scan, or Not To Scan…That is the Question

This issue keeps coming up… what about scanning things?  I think for most home offices it’s probably not the best solution, at least right now.  Why?  2 big reasons…

1.  Usually people’s "To File" pile then just becomes their "To Scan" pile. It’s really not that much different as far as procrastination or truly managing the actual paper.  This is my opinion, of course.

2.  People do not back up!  I estimate that 80% or more of the clients we’ve worked with have NO backup system in place!  It is really frightening.  I can’t imagine scanning in everything and then not backing it up in some way.

People do ask us about this, and we have clients who successfully enjoy using the Fujitsu ScanSnap.  I would love to hear from people who have had other scanning successes.

We use Paper Tiger software to manage paper files, no scanning involved.  We prefer in most cases to keep things in paper form, at least given today’s technology and most people’s situations. 


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