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Was the Unicorn Poop Worth the Trouble?

Behold… these are Unicorn Poop cookies. Very cute! My friend’s daughter ran across this idea and was very excited about making them. A very cute idea indeed… until the project became A NIGHTMARE! As it turns out, you have to dye all of the different colors of dough in individual containers, roll them into ropes,… Read more »

My Brain Needs a Defrag

When your computer hard drive slows down, you can run a defragmentation utility on it, rearranging the pieces of its memory to make it work better again. Sure wish you could do that for your brain! I've been traveling a lot recently and have had several projects going at once, along with everything that I… Read more »

Should You Belong to “Clippers Anonymous?”

Are you compelled to clip articles from magazines and other reading material and save them for later, or share them with your friends and family? Is it becoming a problem? Clipping for yourself: The main question is, do you have an organized system for FINDING the clippings later? If you do not have a reliable… Read more »

7 Useful Folder Categories You Might Not Be Using

Filing is typically a fairly personal thing, varying because of how people's brains work differently and the fact that people have unique experiences and memories and triggers. There are some standard file folder label names that almost everybody has in their file drawers, like "Bank Statements" or "Medical Insurance," but here are a few practical… Read more »

I Have Sworn Off These Things!

I am continually inspired and impressed by our Clutter Diet® members… last week in our member message boards, one of our very active and participating members started a thread called "I have sworn off these things!" She wrote a list and declared she would not buy any more candles, sweaters, shoes, cookbooks, or purses. She… Read more »

The Poisonous Mental Clutter of Worry

In my book I've identified three main types of clutter: Purchased: Physical items for which you pay money to bring into your home. Acquired: Physical items you bring into your home that come from your mailbox, gifts, school and work, freebies/giveaways, inheritances, and other people's storage. Allowed: Time and communication clutter like overscheduled calendars, unnecessary… Read more »

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