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Clutter Video Tip: Santa’s Organizing Secrets

Are your stockings hung by the chimney with care? Do your elves empty them gleefully and their contents compare? Do the contents of some seem close to empty? While others, of course, have way more than plenty. In this video I’ll show you how to organize these stuffers. Because when the elves are not happy,… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Linen Closets

Does your linen closet make you wish you were three sheets to the wind? Are you drowning in a pit of terrycloth despair? Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Watch this video for strategies to organize your linens and linen closet. You make your bed, and then you have to lay in it. So,… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Peppermint Patty knows how important it is to have a well planned holiday meal. But, chances are you aren’t serving toast, pretzels and popcorn for Thanksgiving. So, you may need to think about organizing your refrigerator before the big day. Today, I’ll give you a peek into my own refrigerator and show you how I… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: Couponing, Spares, and Stockpiles

You don’t have to be a Kingpin to enjoy a good spare. Gutter balls and turkeys aside– how do you know when enough is enough and how do you store your stockpiles? Watch this video to keep your spares in line and make your living space more striking. (Click here to watch on YouTube if… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Any Room (with 4 “F-Words”)

When you are setting up or rearranging a room, there are a lot of “F-words” that come to mind. While it may feel satisfying to shout those words, it’s not very productive. Watch this video for four “F-words” that will assist you in starting any organizing project. And, you won’t have to wash your mouth… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Greeting Cards

When you care enough to send the very best (greeting cards)- shouldn’t you also know where they are and when to send them? Watch today’s video for the strategies I use to store and organize my greeting and holiday cards. These tips will streamline your card writing and make sure that your sentiment arrives on… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: Save Time with Smarter Calendar Scheduling

Mick Jagger understands how important it is to have time on his side. Do you? How do you get the Satisfaction of being in control of your calendar instead of being your calendar’s Beast of Burden? Our lives are so hectic and busy; wouldn’t it be great to know all of the details of your… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Batteries

We all have them- they’re bulky, round, heavy and they really hurt when they fall on your toe. Today I am talking batteries. How do you store batteries, make them easily accessible and keep them off of your toes? These tips will help you clean up your power station so you can keep going, and… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: Going Green with Halloween Decor

It’s that time of year to listen for things that go bump in the night. But, that bump shouldn’t be you walking in to a big pile of holiday decorations. Do you have a stack o’ jack o’ lanterns in storage?  Have your mummy’s and monsters run amuck? Watch this video and illuminate your deepest… Read more »

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