Closed September 2017

Success Stories

Our pantry was a tangle of who knows what

Who would expect to find a soccer trophy, an Easter basket, and a long-lost set of marbles in with the canned soups and paper towels? Before the Clutter Diet, our family’s large, walk-in pantry was a tangle of bags, boxes, cans, and who knows what. We put the O.R.D.E.R. system to work. We also listened… Read more »

“All or nothing” thinking kept me from getting ANYTHING done

I have followed Lorie’s blog for a while and signed up for the 14 day trial membership yesterday.  After looking at a few of the tutorials, I realized that I was setting goals way bigger than I could accomplish and had this “all or nothing” thinking that kept me from getting ANYTHING done.  Task #1… Read more »

I had nothing to lose

Our back entry way has always been messy. Any attempt to tidy the mess lasted 48 hours at the most. After reading the tutorials, I thought I’d put the Clutter Diet’s O.R.D.E.R. system to work; I had nothing to lose. I decluttered and tossed two garbage bags of trash and collected five garbage bags for… Read more »

It only took me about 15 minutes

After taking advantage of the trial membership for a few days, I was convinced that ‘The Clutter Diet’ would be just the thing that I needed to get me jump started on some organizational projects that were desperately needed in my home! After watching the SpaceScaping tutorial and printing out the handout, I got right… Read more »

I had given up on keeping the house livable

I joined Clutter Diet in April of 2009, when it became clear that my hoarder BF had to be hospitalized for early onset dementia and other health issues. I had given up on keeping the house livable as I had a very demanding paying job that often required lots of overtime, and then would come… Read more »

My relatives were coming to visit

My relatives were coming to visit and my home is only geared for one. I had to make some changes and do some serious tidying if we were going to be comfortable in my flat. The bedroom, spare room and living room were cluttered and had to be tackled. I learned that everything should have… Read more »

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