Closed September 2017

“All or nothing” thinking kept me from getting ANYTHING done

I have followed Lorie’s blog for a while and signed up for the 14 day trial membership yesterday.  After looking at a few of the tutorials, I realized that I was setting goals way bigger than I could accomplish and had this “all or nothing” thinking that kept me from getting ANYTHING done.  Task #1 for me – organize paperwork for taxes.  Below is the before & after picture of my paper pile.  Organizing that is the first piece of the puzzle.  So – I committed to 1 hour first thing today to working on that, and lo and behold, papers are filed, things needed for taxes are in a folder and charitable contribution receipts are clipped together by organization!  Printing out the checklist from H & R Block per the suggestion in the knowledge base was very helpful and is stapled to the front of my “”stuff for taxes” folder. I have committed to spending 30 minutes on Sunday working on tax related stuff and 15 minutes on Monday and Wednesday.  It feels so good to get started and have to have met a goal.  YEA! Thanks to all! -Cathy Lawdanski


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