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The Stress Reducing Trick Everyone Forgets

When you are dealing with depression and anxiety, making changes to your environment can help shift your perspective. Being more organized may also help to manage the effects of stress on your home. Watch this video for more insight on stress relief.

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Hi. I’m organizing and lifestyle expert Lorie Marrero. I want to talk today about self care. A lot of people mention self care as something important you need to do to reduce your stress. You know, you should go and get a massage every once in a while, and take a walk, and do meditation, and all of that. I agree and that’s wonderful.

But there’s something that many people forget to talk about and that is this bold statement that I want to make here today. Home care is self care. If you are not taking care of your environment, it’s going to affect your mindset. In some situations, it’s a chicken and egg situation. You don’t know if your environment started the problem and it affected your mindset, or if your mindset started the problem and it affected your environment. It doesn’t really matter. What you need to know now is that if you want to improve your mindset and you want to reduce your stress, work on your environment.

If people are depressed, their homes look like a depressed person lives there. The upkeep is not done, the dishes are in the sink, the mail isn’t opened, and it looks like someone doesn’t care. That’s true. They don’t care. They don’t care for themselves appropriately. Being depressed is a complex situation. It may require medication. It certainly requires professional help and I want you to get that. But I also want you to start by taking care of your home and your surroundings, because it will affect your mindset and it will help. It’s something very concrete that you can do. When you’re considering your massages, and all of the wonderful exercise you’re going to do, and all of the great plans that you have for taking care of yourself, don’t forget to take care of your surroundings.

If you need some help with your home care, that’s what we do at We’ve been helping people since 2006. It’s our 10th anniversary. Thousands of people in 18 countries have gotten help from our team and our advice. You can log in. It’s like having a professional organizer as a friend that you could just send photos to and they will look at them and give you all the advice you need, seven days a week. That’s how it works. Come and check us out at and we’ll see you next time. May you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.


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