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New! Clutter Video Tips on YouTube: Be More Productive on the Phone

Each week we are posting a one-minute-or-less quick video tip on something useful and practical that you can apply right away! Here is our first one about being more productive on the phone. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player.)

Hey, it’s Lorie Marrero and today’s Clutter Video Tip is about being more productive on the phone. Most people have thought about having a headset for their cell phone in the car, but they’ve never thought about having a headset at home. You can get one  for about $20. You just put it on, hook it up to your cordless phone, put it on with a belt clip, and you’re ready to go. You can fold laundry, you can type on your computer, you can organize your closet, and all of this while catching up with your mother, your sister, or your friend, and feeling productive at the same time. So imagine all you can get done if you went hands­free at home.

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You may have been looking for tips on managing time or how to get more done when you spend time on the phone.

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Thank you for a very informative video. That really can help in my inhouse multi-tasking.
I always have to de-clutter everything in our house thrice a week because of my kids. But this video really gives me an idea on how to efficiently use my time.
I also have researched some tips and information on how to maximize my work in organizing clutter in various sites.
Thanks again! Love your blog

Kim Gebron

You should add a warning that multitasking can also end up with your being distracted and not paying attention to your primary task. Such as: texting while driving; doing something else that can cause distracting noise while on the phone with a friend (unloading dishwasher, washing dishes). I believe we multi task too much and should approach each task with 100% attention to it so we complete it efficiently and thoroughly as well as doing it error free!

Lorie Marrero

Hi Kim, yes, my blog post on Duotasking does address this issue. Duotasking is based on the idea that multitasking can “make you stupid” as the articles say, but that there are still definitely some things you can do that are classified the same as walking and chewing gum. I also agree that using your Mute button is important if you are making too much noise, or switching to an activity that is less noisy, so that you are considerate of your conversational companion. Thanks for these great points.
– Lorie


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