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Make a “Tourist Binder”

Binders2Now is the time of year that you start anticipating summer travel and guests.  I thought I would share something that I like to do to make things easier when guests are coming– having a "Tourist Binder." Recently my Productivity Café friend Susan Sabo visited me and it really came in handy to show her what all there is to do here in our fair city– right, Suz?

I have a Word document that I keep on ideas for guests, and when I find a new favorite restaurant or tourist destination, I just open it and add to it.  It’s printed out in a binder where I also keep things that I have saved from our local paper and magazines.  There are articles in the binder like "101 Things to Do in Austin." 

I also put into the binder’s pockets things like extra tickets to the IMAX theater, free parking coupons for the museums, Six Flags Fiesta Texas coupons, etc.  So if you are having guests, now is a good time to start that Word document and gather your thoughts about what you like doing in your own town.



Hmmm… I’m sure we like to do different things in Austin (especially since we live at different ends of the city), but I’m wondering if you’d be willing to share your doc as a starting point for mine?
I’d of course love to share my own favorites, and maybe we could cross-pollinate for each other — end up with some new ideas for places to go and things to do?


Great idea that I plan to use at work. We have patients from out-of-town that drive over a hour to the clinic for morning appointments and then come back in the afternoon for completion of care. I am always trying to give them ideas on how to spend their time inbetween. Now, we will be able to give them ideas.


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