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How to Make Time & Make Room for New Things in Life

I guess I am not normal, because I truly love sticking my hands into a beehive… I have recently taken up beekeeping after having done it as a little girl and wishing and thinking about it for 30 years. People keep asking me where I find the time! You have to make time– and make room– for new things.


In this post I wrote for Good Housekeeping's Home Style blog I ask- Why not? Life is too short, and if something brings us joy, we need to embrace it. Let me show you how!
My new bee blog is here, by the way, if you want to follow along the journey:  I hope you enjoy it!

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I love the energy of your statement–make time for new things. I bet your honey will taste even better because it will be from your own bees. How sweet


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