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Household Management

You Love Your Stuff—Does It Love You Back?

February is a time for focusing on LOVE! Beyond whom you love, let’s talk for a moment about WHAT you love. When I work with clients, so often we are going through items and they happily exclaim, “Oh, I LOVE this!” They get to say this a few times (and I do say this myself),… Read more »

How Organizing Your Home Saves You Money

Visions of sugarplums were just dancing in your heads, but if those visions become nightmares about the post-holiday bills coming in the mail, getting organized provides many valuable and smart opportunities to give yourself a raise in the New Year. Cha-ching!  Who couldn't use a raise? Click here to read about six Cha-chings on the… Read more »

Organizing Your Home: Easy Small Habits that Add Up

Just as it would be foolish to do one colossal lawn-mowing or tooth-brushing session one day a year and expect good results, it's also a little silly to save up all of your cleaning, maintaining, and organizing for one giant project. There are  some small things you can do regularly to keep things working well… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: Couponing, Spares, and Stockpiles

You don’t have to be a Kingpin to enjoy a good spare. Gutter balls and turkeys aside– how do you know when enough is enough and how do you store your stockpiles? Watch this video to keep your spares in line and make your living space more striking. (Click here to watch on YouTube if… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Greeting Cards

When you care enough to send the very best (greeting cards)- shouldn’t you also know where they are and when to send them? Watch today’s video for the strategies I use to store and organize my greeting and holiday cards. These tips will streamline your card writing and make sure that your sentiment arrives on… Read more »

What is Your Laundry Style?

Unless you do your laundry naked, you'll never truly be finished with it, unfortunately. Let's get your laundry process sorted out so you can focus on other things, naked or not. Which type of laundry-doer are you? There are three different styles of handling your laundry process to fit any family's needs. Choose one of… Read more »

Home Repairs: Why Haven’t You Just FIXED IT Already?

   True confession: Repeatedly for months, I was opening my back door to the deck outside and looking at the metal weather-stripping that was sticking out, thinking, "Huh, someone should really fix that." And nobody ever did, until we had a party recently. When I saw the ugly door facing through my future guests' eyes,… Read more »

Preparing for Disaster Before It Strikes

I started writing some posts for Allstate several weeks ago, and little did I know how relevant they were about to become! The wildfires here in Texas have given everyone a huge reality check on how natural disasters can affect anyone at any time. This article explains the four elements of preparedness to put into… Read more »

Home Inventory Tools for Documenting Your Stuff

   Could you replace your belongings if you "lost it all?" In the event of a loss, having a home inventory helps you, the insurance company, and everyone involved. You may also find that you don’t have adequate coverage and can make a needed adjustment. The process of creating a home inventory is certainly no… Read more »

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