Closed September 2017

Gift Certificates: Organizing Your Quasi-Cash

It’s certainly getting popular nowadays to give "Gift Cards" from major stores to people in lieu of a Stringenvelope regular gift.  We have seen many of these that have been lost in homes.  They belong in your wallet, as they are the same as cash.  Other gift certificates that are larger in size face this question: Are they Predictable, or Unpredictable?  Do you know exactly when you’d use them (a massage, forCheckfile example)?  If they are Unpredictable, they should probably be kept in your car.  We recommend using a sturdy vinyl string envelope like the one pictured here to keep these types of items in your car, or if you have a lot of them, you can use a "check file" with dividers to organize them.  If they are Predictable, you can keep them in your filing system or together in a special box or letter slot.

In the meantime, I will take those pesky massage gift certificates off your hands if you don’t know where to keep them.  😉

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