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Talking Trash: Quick Video Tip!

Here's a quick trash tip from day one of our Good Housekeeping clutter makeover contest winner's garage… read more about this project and see before & after shots here. Click here to watch on YouTube if you can't see the embedded video player, and if you are a Kindle subscriber, scroll down to the bottom… Read more »

Before & After of Good Housekeeping Contest Winner, Part 1

Last fall we were pleased to partner with Good Housekeeping magazine to do a big clutter makeover contest! The Container Store pitched in a $1000 shopping spree, and we offered an annual membership to our program, a copy of our book, and two days with me in the winner's home. The grand prize winner is… Read more »

Summerize the House for Kids

It's summertime again, and that means for many of you, the kids are out of school and probably underfoot a little more than usual– in a good way! It's wonderful to spend more time together as a family, but there are challenges that come with the togetherness, usually related to the common areas of the… Read more »

Do You Have a “Clutter Cemetery?”

Most homes have at least one place, like the garage, basement, guest room or attic, where things "go to die." You could also call these spaces “The Final Frontier” for your clutter. It’s the place where, if you can't make a decision, you have just “put it there for now," and it has wasted away… Read more »

Go Vertical in the Garage

@Rubbermaid found this great video on organizing your garage and posted it on Twitter today. Thanks! I am now a big fan of Mag Ruffman, the ToolGirl. Here she talks about how to get your stuff off the garage floor and up onto the wall. Click here if you can’t see the embedded video player…. Read more »

Gaga for the Garage

Last week our Clutter Diet weekly "menu" plan featured the garage as the "Main Dish" project. It’s time to get ready for barbecues and more outdoor sports and activities. I just resurfaced my garage floor in February, and some of you have asked how that is holding up… quite well! I am still going out… Read more »

Lorie’s Garage Floor Makeover!

This weekend we undertook a big project to resurface our garage floor. It had two different colors of spilled paint randomly all over the floor (dark green and white– LOVELY!!), along with 6+ years of oil stains and other unknown car liquids. Not very appealing to come home to every day. I have been wanting… Read more »

Organize Your Cargo

I just found a new favorite product!  These car hooks from allow you to easily secure bags and purses and other items so they will not roll around on the floor.  I am using them a lot for grocery bags.  Have you ever found the odd onion or apple under a seat that has… Read more »

Pimp My Garage

A recent Time Magazine article did a great job of covering the garage remodeling trend. Did you know that The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University estimates that we spent $2.4 billion improving our garages in 2003, which is double what we spent the previous decade? Why? We have more stuff. In our… Read more »

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