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Pimp My Garage

A recent Time Magazine article did a great job of covering the garage remodeling trend. Did you know that The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University estimates that we spent $2.4 billion improving our garages in 2003, which is double what we spent the previous decade?

Why? We have more stuff. In our work, we’ve always referred to the garage as the "Final Frontier" for clutter. You may get it out of the daily flow of your life, from the kitchen or bedroom or office, but then where do you put it? Usually, the garage… it’s the ultimate "put it here for now" space in your home. It’s on it’s way out… but not quite gone.

People are spending over $10,000 on their garages, putting in special flooring, specialty workbenches, and even wine storage. The garage looks as good as any other room in the house– clean and tidy. What I want to know is, now where is their "stuff" hiding?

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