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Do You Have “Wannabe” Clutter in Your House? | Clutter Video Tip

Do you feel like you are ahead of your own time? Can you say the stuff in your home reflects the you that you are right now? Watch this video for strategies you can use to reduce your clutter and make your home more peaceful and organized. Forget the rain checks; there’s no time like the present to make your space into something you love.

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today we’re going to talk about what I call “wannabe clutter.” It’s the clutter that represents the person you want to be but maybe are not today. Great example to help you understand the concept is this box. This is a Pro-Gym in a Bag. It has never been opened. If you buy a product like this, your intentions were wonderful that you were going to have this great solution to help you work out in your home, and there’s this DVD to follow and everything is all compact, what a great idea. But it’s never been opened, and you haven’t done it, and now every time you pass by this box, it’s reminding you of unfinished business, and it’s reminding you of that person you wish you could be and you’re not right now, and that doesn’t make you feel good.

So you have to make a decision about wannabe clutter. You either have to incorporate this into your life and become that person that you want to be, or you have to get rid of this clutter because it’s making you feel bad. So either or, it’s okay to do that, but you have to accept what’s really going on and move forward and not fool yourself anymore. So, maybe the solution is to donate this and get a gym membership, or get a buddy, or do some other kind of exercise solution, because clearly this one isn’t working for you.

Other examples of wannabe clutter might be that you own a very expensive pizza stone and yet you always order pizza for delivery and you never make pizza at home. Or maybe you have a lot of craft supplies, because you intend to knit little clothing items for your grandchildren, but you never do it, and you always buy their clothes at the department store. There are always things in people’s lives that represent stuff that they wish they could be doing and they’re not. Again, the key is decisiveness. Make that decision, and get clear about who you really are today, and clear out the items that don’t accurately represent that for you.

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See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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