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Clutter Video Tip: Tour of Lorie’s New Closet!

Remember Judy Jetsonā€™s closet? She would just ride through and get dressed from her hangers of clothes and shoe racks. I feel like I have that closet- minus the conveyer belt. šŸ˜‰ I am so excited to finally get to show it and all of its cool features to you! Making room for some of these items will help you get dressed without stress. Doesn’t that sound like a bright future?

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Hi. Iā€™m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, andĀ welcome to my new closet in my new house. Iā€™m so excited to show it to you.

The builder, when I was building this house, was going to put in just one rod andĀ one shelf, and that really wasnā€™t going to meet my needs. So, I had theĀ builder just leave everything out, leave this closet completely blank, because IĀ didnā€™t want to have to rip anything out and start over. And I went about choosingĀ a custom closet company to help me design the space for my goals andĀ my needs. And the company I chose was More Space Place. They are aĀ franchise, theyā€™re all over the United States, and they also did the Murphy bedĀ that was in the video about my guest room that you might have seen. So theyĀ did a fantastic job, you can see them at, and I want toĀ show you everything we did.

We had the goal of putting all my clothes in oneĀ space. So think about it, sometimes people buy a bedroom set and they have aĀ chest of drawers in the bedroom, and then they also have their clothes in theĀ closet. So when they get out of the shower, they have to go into the bedroom toĀ et their underwear or their socks, and then they have to go into the closet for theĀ rest of the clothes. So, I didnā€™t want to do that, and I have movedĀ countless clientsā€™ drawers or, you know, created new drawer space inside theĀ closet so that they wouldnā€™t have this problem either. So, we needed to putĀ drawer space in here, we needed a shoe space, lots of things, so weĀ accomplished all of those goals, and Iā€™m really excited to take you on a little tour.

Here is one of my favorite things about the new closet. I have an ironing centerĀ here. So I have the clothes that need to be ironed folded up here, ready. Iā€™ve gotĀ a steamer, and Iā€™ve got an iron, and there is a plug down there handy for when IĀ need to plug the iron in. But the best part is, I have a built-in ironing board thatĀ comes out just like this. And I can open it all the way up and I have a place to doĀ all my ironing right here in the closet. Now, if you watched my video about myĀ laundry room space, I mentioned that the function of ironing that often isĀ found in the laundry area, I had moved elsewhere in the house. And this is what IĀ was talking about.

I also wanted to show you here that I have my small pursesĀ lined up, and all these little tiny clutch bags, I keep them pushed up next to eachĀ other with one of these shelf dividers. This is an acrylic shelf divider. You canĀ use these for stacks of folded clothing, and I really do like them for purses. So,Ā they slide right on and you donā€™t even have to install anything. And it keepsĀ things from toppling over onto each other.

In some of my other videos, you may have heard me talk about a valet rod,Ā and I certainly wanted to have a valet rod in this closet. This is a telescoping rod Ā that comes out this way, and I use it to hang up things when I come back fromĀ the dry cleaner to take the plastic off. I also use this when Iā€™m packing for a tripĀ and I need to stage out some clothing. Or even when Iā€™m just bringing theĀ laundry up from the downstairs area after Iā€™ve hung it up out of the dryer, I put itĀ here to kind of just deal with it a little more easily as Iā€™m putting the clothes away.

Now, I mentioned that I wanted to have all my drawer space inside the closet,Ā and I accomplished that by having two stacks of drawers here. These top twoĀ are very shallow, and theyā€™re lined with velvet so they are jewelry drawers. And IĀ have little inserts that I can order for various functions in there. So this oneā€™s forĀ rings and pins. And I just put costume jewelry in here. This is for every-day stuffĀ thatā€™s not valuable. If itā€™s really valuable I put that away safely. This is not lockedĀ up or anything. You can get a custom closet company to put a lock onĀ your jewelry drawer if you want to do that.

I have a couple of more surprises here right behind me. This is a scarf rack thatĀ pulls out, and I can easily see and select my different scarves. And I want toĀ point out that there are budget alternatives to a lot of these ideas. So even if youĀ donā€™t have a full-out custom closet, you can get something like this product andĀ just hang it with your hanging clothing ā€“ Iā€™ve used this for years actually ā€“ andĀ just poke your scarves through there, and that gives you a lot of visibility. Thatā€™sĀ really the goal of your project, is visibility.

So, hereā€™s another really fun one thatā€™s almost as much fun as the ironing board.Ā I have a full-length mirror right behind me, but I donā€™t have it out unless I need it.Ā So look, it swivels out. I just pull it out like this. And there I have it. And then IĀ can put it back. And itā€™s not in the way and I can get to this hanging space backĀ behind here a little more easily. A lot of fun, right?

And finally let me show you this great belt rack. Itā€™s very similar to the scarf rackĀ that you saw before. This pulls out right here and holds all the belts and givesĀ me visibility to the belts, which is the goal of any organizing project, as we know.Ā And if youā€™re looking for a budget alternative to that idea, you can get these beltĀ racks that hang on your clothing rod and just do the same kind of thing.

So, our next video is going to be talking about the 10 things that you mustĀ consider for organizing any closet. And Iā€™m going to be showing you a few moreĀ little tips and tricks here in the closet in that video.

See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having moreĀ than enough.

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