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Clutter Video Tip: Fixes for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Butterflies are the masters of transformation. But you don’t want them in your stomach when you put your dishes away. Instead you want your kitchen to migrate into an orderly, organized space. So, how do you do that? Watch this video and I will show you how to morph your space into an organized Monarch’s palace.

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and I’m so excited to show you what’s happened in my new kitchen. My friends from Shelf Genie have come in and retrofitted my lower cabinets with glide out shelving. And it makes the cabinetry more efficient. The storage is much easier to see. As we know, visibility is the goal of any organizing project. And when you have these big, deep cabinets, you practically have to crawl in there to find what’s in the back. And you can’t really see anything. So with this, you just pull the shelves out, and you can see all the pots and pans at a glance. Push them back in, and then I’ve got the lower ones as well. And in this case, if you happen to have a center post between the two cabinet doors, there’s a picture here you can see where in my old house, I used to have that center post, and they can actually cut that post out and attach it to the door and make that work for an extra wide shelf all the way across. So, there’s all kinds of creative ways that they can fix your lower cabinets and make them more efficient. We’re going to see a couple more right now.

I’m saving my favorite one for last, but my second favorite shelf that they retrofitted was this one for my food storage containers. And it really was hard to see back there in that deep, dark cabinet, what was available as far as these little bowls and containers, and now obviously, I can pull it all out and see everything. I’ve got two levels of that, and it makes everything much easier when we’re putting food away after dinner.

And this one is my favorite. Now vertical storage can be a challenge in any kitchen, meaning platters, cookie sheets, and trays, and you can do lots of different things for workarounds for that. What I had done before, and you can do this too, is I bought a vertical sorter. And you can get these at any discount store or specialty store. And you simply find a cabinet with some height in it and you put the platters and trays in this vertical sorter and it holds them up. And you can see from the before picture here, that’s what I did. There was a shelf in this cabinet that I removed and it made the space taller so that all the things would fit in there. So this was great. But when Shelf Genie retrofitted this, they had a much better idea. I was so impressed. They took the hinges off the left side of the cabinet, so it no longer opens out like the rest of the cabinet doors. Now it pulls open like a drawer – oooh, this is so fun – it holds literally double the amount of platters and trays than it had before and I have full visibility to all of them, because I can see straight down into the drawer. So I love this. This is my very favorite thing. It really changes the way my kitchen cabinets flowed.

So if you are having trouble organizing your kitchen, you can get Shelf Genie to come and help you. They’re at Also, we have our kitchen spacescaping labels for sell in our store. That is a very inexpensive solution to help you strategize your kitchen before rearranging and unpacking everything. You can find out more about that at

See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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So wonderful and clever tricks! My cabinets are real chaos. With this video I think I will be able to put everything into order. Thanks!


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