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Clutter Video Tip: 5 Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe Closet Like a Pro

There are certain jobs you really want the pros to handle. Plumbing, electrical, surgery… But there are some jobs that you can do yourself, if you just had the secrets of the pros.  Wardrobe organizing is one of those jobs. A few tricks of the trade for home organization will make you feel like you have a new closet with that professional look and feel. Next time you are thinking “help me organize this stack of slacks”, watch this video to make your clean closets look like they were touched by a pro.

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today we’re going to talk about five ways to organize your closet like a pro.

The first thing professionals do is we get all of the same hangers. So we have here the white tubular kind. You can use wooden hangers or the very thin slot hangers that are really popular right now. It doesn’t really matter what kind you pick, but you have to use the same ones and be consistent. And that way you get that finished unified look throughout the closet. Now, if you have mixed up hangers in your closet and you’re happy with that, that is terrific and I’m happy for you. It’s not about perfection. What I am sharing with you today though is, if you do want that professional look, this is kind of how we do it. These are the tricks of the trade.

So, the other thing we do to create consistency and a unified seam and look throughout the closet is that we have all of the clothing facing the same direction as we hang it up. So, as you are flipping through your clothes, you can easily see the tag and the size and you can see the buttons and you can make that selection more easily and also remove it from the hanger more easily when they’re all facing you, whichever way you would flip through them.

Another thing we do is we hang clients’ clothing backward on the hanger when we’re finished with an organizing project. So I’ve done a few of them this way here to show you. So in the case of our professional services being finished, we’ve done this organized closet, we have hung everything this way because when the hook is backwards on the rod like this, you know that you haven’t worn that item yet. So, as you wear these clothes in the next few months, you take them down, and you put the hanger back after you’ve worn it the correct way. And then after a while, you see which hangers are still backwards and you know that you haven’t been wearing those items, that they’re a very good candidate for donation.

Another thing we do is we group like things together. So in this case we have the sleeveless blouses. We usually group blouses by sleeve length, and then we also have jackets and skirts and pants, and we do other types of categories that way. Within each category we do then by color. So you can see here how we’ve loosely done it in rainbow order. Again, it’s not about perfection, but it’s just about being able to see what you have and locate things quickly and easily. So, we have the reds and the oranges and the blues and things like that. So, the color grouping really helps you match up things, and it helps you put them away later.

The other way that we help clients stay organized is that we have a product that we use to label those divisions and groupings. And this is called the Simple Division Garment Organizers. These are available on our web site at You can use these to separate sleeveless from short sleeves, Capri pants from regular pants, too big from too small, which is really common, and a lot of people need to have that transition of a weight loss or weight gain or maternity clothing. There’s lots of uses for these, and clients really appreciate this when we use them as professionals because it helps them stay organized after we’re gone. Again, you can find out more at

See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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