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5 Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen Pantry | Clutter Video Tip

When you open up your pantry, does it feel like it’s alive? Or is making evening meals a task difficult to contrive? Worry not my faithful viewers, I plan I have derived! 😉 Watch this video for tips to make meal time less stressful and more productive. And that’s no jive.

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Hi I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today I have for you five storage solutions for your pantry, for those common problems we see out there, like deep, dark corners. My favorite solution for those is a turntable, like you see here. You know, the goal of any organizing project is visibility. So to make those deep, dark corners visible, all it takes is a spin of your turntable. The ones sold at discount stores are typically 10 inches, and you can get them in a double-decker style as well. Those are great for cans or spices or kind of smaller items. Then, from specialty stores you can get a lot more sizes. You can have ones as large as an underneath-your-sink cabinet if you want. Find whatever works for that deep dark corner in your pantry.

My second solution for deep-shelving is what I call baskets as drawers. So right here, you can see all the pasta is grouped together in a basket, and once you take that off the shelf you use it like a drawer. You look in there, flip through, get what you want, and put it back, instead of all of this being on a shelf where you’re knocking it over trying to paw through it. So that allows better visibility as well.

My third storage solution is for the problem of not having enough storage simply in your pantry. My pantry has plenty of storage for my particular needs right now, so the back of my door I have used for a bulletin board for notices and things, but if you need more storage, a door rack is a fantastic solution that holds lots of stuff. The ClosetMaid Eight-Tier Storage Rack I love because it has additional bracing for the really tall things. Sometimes you put tall bottles of oil or something and they may kind of fall out of those smaller racks, but this has a little brace, you can see here, and I love it for that reason. So a great solution for not enough storage.

Another solution in that regard is helper shelves. I’ve got a whole video about helper shelves, but you can see some pictures of them here. Basically, when you have too much wasted vertical space, so the shelves are spaced too far apart and you have short items, then you can make double layers, or even triple layers sometimes, of those items to maximize that vertical space.

Finally, if you don’t have enough storage, you might want to look up. I’ve had great success with storing things on the ceiling. Here’s a picture of one of our Clutter Diet Members who stored some baskets up on her ceiling with hooks and it was a great way to get them out of the way. They’re very bulky, it really was the best solution, very creative, and I hope you enjoy that.

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