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Which Voices Are Talking Inside YOUR Head?

Cheerleadergirl I recently had the pleasure of doing an audio interview for our private member area audio collection with my friend Wendy Lipton-Dibner, bestselling author of Shatter Your Speed Limits: Fast Track Your Success and Get What You Truly Want in Business and in Life (Kindle edition here).

One of the things we talked about on the interview, among MANY, was the "Internal Crew" of five people we all have speaking to us inside of our heads. Yes, you heard me correctly, we all DO have five voices inside our heads (at least five, maybe some of us have more…?). Here are the crew members:

  • The Critic: He is the one passing negative judgment on anything and everything. He keeps us from doing things, which can be good for keeping us safe, but can be bad if his influence is holding us back from positive efforts. The Critic might say things like, "You never do anything you say you're going to do, stop kidding yourself."
  • The Analyst: He is a lot like Spock– completely logical. He looks at the facts and helps us put together the resources we need to get where we want to go. The Analyst might say things like, "The trip is going to cost $400, which we can easily save in four weeks by taking these steps."
  • The Actor: He is the one who keeps you from saying what you think and makes you "play nice," which is good for your social life. But he also causes you to "fake it" and be inauthentic and incongruent to your desires by making you stick to rules that no longer serve you. The Actor might say something like, "Sure, I'd love to volunteer for committee chair (because I have to be accepted and liked)."
  • The Cheerleader: This crew member is our greatest ally. The Cheerleader might say something like, "You can do this! Keep going!"
  • The Force: This crew member is the most important and powerful, and is the source of our desires and the core of our power and strength. 

All five Crew Members need to be aligned and know where they are going in order to coordinate their voices. They need to be following the same RULES. Wendy covers rules a lot in her book and talked about them more in this interview as well… these are the unspoken and often unconscious rules we've collected throughout our lives that tell us how to behave. Here are some examples of Rules: "Don't make mistakes," "Don't trust," "Don't play," "Don't talk back," "Be just like your brother…" There are Rules that serve us and those that don't, and we need to be conscious of those Rules and restructure and revise them so that our Internal Crew can be working from the right roadmap.

The members of our program can listen to the entire interview with Wendy in our member area on the Audio page, where they can download the MP3 file and put it on their iPods to listen to as they do their organizing projects! In the interview, Wendy reveals the "Action Formula" for getting what you want in life.

Which Crew Members' voices are dominant in your head? And what Rules are they operating from? Share in the comments!

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karen Morrison

I need to silence my critic and cheer on my cheerleader. Thanks for this much needed reminder.


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