Closed September 2017 Is Your Cluttered Home or Office Making You Sick?

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Is Your Cluttered Home or Office Making You Sick?

If youre sick of living with clutter, you could be becoming sick in other ways as well. Living in a cluttered environment causes both physical and psychological issues that can adversely affect your health.

According to the 2010 Stress in America survey by the American Psychological Association, most Americans experience moderate to high stress, and 44 percent report that their stress levels have risen over the last five years. A cluttered environment adds to the stress in our lives. Along with being aesthetically overwhelming, clutter also causes immense anxiety due to financial problems resulting from disorganization, such as late fees, missing bills, purchasing duplicate items unnecessarily and storage unit rental fees. Lost things mean lost opportunities, lost time, increased costs and conflict within your family. In addition, excess clouds your clarity.

Click the link below to find out one of the biggest issues people have with clutter.

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