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How We Spend Our Time

Fantastic issue of Time magazine this week– celebrating the 300 million population mark in the United States, they looked at a snapshot of statistics about who we are, where we live, what we believe, and how we spend our time.

Did you know today’s parents actually spend more time with their children than parents did in 1965?  And now fathers in particular spend TWICE as much?

Here’s a breakdown of the average woman’s average day for 11 main activities:

  • Phone calls, mail, e-mail:  14 minutes (I do not believe this!!)
  • Caring for non-household members:  15 minutes
  • Religious and civic activities:  21 minutes
  • Caring for family:  43 minutes
  • Educational activities:  26 minutes
  • Buying goods and services:  58 minutes
  • Eating and drinking:  1 hour 11 minutes
  • Household activities:  2 hours 16 minutes
  • Work-related activities:  3 hours
  • Free time:  4 hours 48 minutes
  • Personal care and sleep:  9 hours 37 minutes

To me, this makes no sense that women are on average spending more time on religious and civic activities than they are talking on the phone and doing e-mail.  Not the people I know!

So supposedly we have this 4 hours and 48 minutes of free time… I wonder what we are doing with that?  Would love to hear comments on this.

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