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Three Preventable Clutter Traps

Choosingapplevschocolate2_2Our little diet analogy is a lot of fun sometimes…one of the things I like to talk about is preventing clutter in the first place.  Think:  "A Moment on the Lips, a Lifetime on the Hips"– Just like if you were going to stop yourself from eating a piece of candy!  Once the clutter comes into your house, it’s much harder to get rid of it than if you had not brought it in at all.  Here are some of the traps people fall into:

Inappropriate buying:  You have been impulsive and purchased things that were not needed, or you have shopped to mask feelings of depression.  Sometimes this is even a more extreme problem of "binge shopping" or compulsive shopping.

Souvenirs:  You have acquired things simply so you could remember something or someone.  It’s all about moderation– everyone has some things like this, but it’s when it becomes a problem.

Other People’s Stuff:  Keeping things for other family members, inheriting things, saving gifts you don’t want.

Click here to read an article I just wrote for Modern Sage which talks more extensively about ways to prevent clutter.  I hope you enjoy it! 

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