Closed September 2017

The Laundry Room had become a catch-all!

I made a plan. First I went to the store and bought 5 large tubs in three different colors. Next I wiped down the washer and dryer and organized the cabinets above them. The next day I sorted everything on the right side of the room. I set up a tub for all of the crocheting, embroidery and sewing supplies that might be misplaced. Two tubs were for the items that were in the laundry room but shouldn’t be there. The Laundry Room had become a catch-all! Two tubs were for anything PAPER! Today, two days later, I finally got around to sorting out the tubs and putting the items where they belong.

I have one box of clothes to go to charity. Now I have a bag set up so that I can put things in as soon as they are identified.

Of Lorie’s “Basic Twelve” Elements of the Ideal Laundry Room I had all in place except #9 Maintenance Supplies: Tools, Light bulbs, batteries and #11 Pocket Items. #9 is stored in the cellar at our house and a found a little wooden tray that I could use for #11. On top of the dryer, I have a decorative basket that contains an empty square tissue box that I use for lint and other rubbish. Next to that tissue box I have extra dryer balls(I use these instead of the sheets), and two lingerie bags to use for delicates. I store the “Lonely Socks” in the back of this basket. I was surprised that I was able to match two pairs of the socks while doing this clean up!

Since we live in an older house, part of the Laundry Room is used for hanging clothes and coats. There are no closets on the ground floor! Betsy Ryan – New Jersey

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