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The Glass Hammer: The Female Mastermind: Developing a Professional Women’s Network

by Tanya Hall

Achieving a successful career depends just as much on your network as it does on your skills, knowledge, and experience. Though any professional connection you make is important, nothing impacts your career or has as much influence on your success as a group of like minded women vested in each others success. Referred to as a mastermind group, these women work together to help each other identify strengths and weaknesses, sets goals and hold each other accountable to them, and share resources and valuable personal experiences.

There are many reasons why its important to align yourself with other professional women. First of all, professional women share a common and unique perspective on what success looks like and how to achieve it. They understand the challenges specific to professional womenespecially for those who are also mothersand can share advice on how to balance family and work without sacrificing your ambitions. Also, by holding each other accountable, the group increases the likelihood of each individual achieving her goals and finding success.

I asked one of my clients, author and organization consultant Lorie Marrero, a few questions about the benefits of a mastermind group. She said, I get to be in a supportive but challenging group of peers of my choosing and am accountable to them for my goals and results. In fact, the group helped her write her first book by making her accountable for regularly producing material. Because of her success, she recently made a commitment to the group to write a second book.


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