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– Lorie Marrero, CPO®
Creator of The Clutter Diet

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Congratulations! Your site is wonderfully written with a lot of great organizing information. I wish you much success!


Another thing I’ve heard recently is to make sure all the things inside the purse are different colors, instead of all black. It makes it easier to find them once you’re looking!

Julie Bonner

Monica Ricci told me about your blog. I really like the look of it. Too many blogs are hard on the eyes. 🙂
I put you on my blog roll at Declutter It! and will check back here often for some useful information.
Feel free to pop on over to Declutter It! to add your two cents worth! I know my readers would love it.

Tina Su

Great Post! Keep up the excellent word.
Love & Gratitude,
Think Simple. Be Decisive.
~ Productivity, Motivation & Happiness

Kevin Rhodes

Your site is terrific. I am a newbie in the professional organizer business and I aspire to achieve what you obviously have.
All the best,

Michelle A.

Ahhh! A blog that is right up my alley! What a great place you have here Lorie! I love all of these great ideas and am going to sit back with some diet coke today, and read your great ideas. Especially the 3 approaches to tackling your closet – since I am knee deep in organizing this today. Thanks for your comments! PS, I save labeling my family only when we are too cluttered – it’s easier to find them!


I always like coming over to your blog, your colors are so restful and it is nicely done. Your tips are easy to impliment in my life and I pass on tips to others.
Thank you

Acai Berry Select

A great blog that delivers well thought out, actionable ideas. Thank you so much!
My wife and I just had our first child so things are quite ‘cluttered’ these days. Your ideas really have helped us get it together and get the house back in order. Thanks again!


Thank you for the great information I will use this in conjunction with my fit4lyfe plan I am doing online. I used to be so overweight until I started my fitness and nutrition program online and now I am really starting to be happy with how I look. I highly recommend it to everyone I know and its soo cheap!! lol


Hello. I am a Japanese.
!Your article is wonderfully written and very well presented. Always a pleasure to enjoy.


I found your blog and am very excited. Getting orgajized and getting rid of clutter are two of my favorite things. I can always use new tips and inspiration.

Reviyve Stress Relief

This website is wonderful. I manage a stress relief site and blog and I am eager to share some of your information (with of course providing a link back to your site)

self improvement needed

hey, I just stumbled across your post, and couldn’t help but think how much easier and stress-free things could be around my home and office if it weren’t so cluttered!
time for some self improvement!

Elizabeth Robinson

Consider online wholesale for those baskets.
The last Webinar inspired me to put up shelving, for which I wanted baskets. A thorough search of import stores, thrift stores, box stores, discounters, little shops and online retailers found the baskets too expensive and/or too few in the right size. Then I searched “wholesale baskets.” Since I wanted several, this worked out nicely. I got 6 – 13″x 9″x 7″ seagrass storage baskets for $11.88 each (including tax and delivery) — just right for my needs.


Clutter drives me crazy. My wife used to believe that everything has a spot and every available spot has something! There was never an empty place anywhere.
Tip: Get rid of the unnecessary items which just take up space.
Ahhhh, a lesson well received!


Lori, I love love love your videos. You offer fresh ideas and an upbeat positive view on making my life more productive and exciting because I can put some stress away. Thank you!


Thank you, Meg! We really enjoy shooting the videos, it’s nice to hear that they are useful.

Na mase

Hello I with my wife just had our first child so things are quite ‘cluttered’ these days. Your ideas really have helped us get it together and get the house back in order.


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