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Kitchen Utensil Storage: How to Organize Kitchen Gadgets

These kitchen tools are essential for baking and cooking food. But, utensils can also be really difficult to organize. Do you have a full, messy utensil drawer in your kitchen? Watch this for Lorie’s recipe to sort these tools of the trade. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player…. Read more »

3 Weird Tools Every Home Should Have | Clutter Video Tip

Searching for just the right tool Can send you on a massive detour. And, if you can’t find that tool There will certainly be misery to endure. Watch for 3 essential devices In this video du jour These gizmos will make your life easier Of that you can be sure! (Click here to watch on… Read more »

Five Must-Have Tools to Organize Your Living Room

When my grandmother called her the living room the "den," it always made me feel cozy and warm, like we were bears curling up in our little nook to relax together. Unfortunately many families' living rooms are the opposite of relaxing, littered with DVD cases, snack wrappers, toys, and old newspapers. There are five must-have… Read more »

How Do You Measure Up?

When we work with clients and members of our online program, people are often surprised when we don't have them buy organizing supplies in advance. "Don't you need some bins or something?" they ask. We often do need some bins. The issue is that we don't know which kind, what size, how many, or what… Read more »

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