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How to Find Anything: The Magic Word

I always say that the goal of any organizing project — the essence of organizing– is VISIBILITY. Let me say that again– VISIBILITY. It's the magic word! Gain visibility to your stuff so that you can find anything… here are 7 ways: Grouping: Putting like things together is the first step to visibility. You can… Read more »

If You Had to Evacuate, What Would You Grab?

Sure, we've always had crazy tornadoes and such here in Central Texas, but the idea of hurried mass evacuations has always been something that happens somewhere else, like to people on the coast. NOT TODAY. Within 30 miles of my own home, hundreds of people have suddenly lost theirs. Over 300 homes were just lost… Read more »

Get it DONE with our new FREE 7-Day Quickstart Program!

I am so excited! I have been working hard for weeks to implement this new 7-Day Quickstart program, and I am really proud to offer it to you. It's a FREE week of focused guidance from me to help you choose an organizing project, get started, and get it DONE! With the 7-Day Quickstart you… Read more »

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