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Clutter Video Tip: How to Spring Clean

What exactly is spring cleaning anyway? Is it a cleaning list with specific tasks like oven cleaning that you have to check off? Or does it go beyond getting your home clean? In this video I discuss how to clean your house and outdoor spaces on a schedule that works for YOU. Following these spring… Read more »

What’s Your Definition of Clean?

"Why do you always let this place get so %&$# cluttered!?" Sound familiar? Many people experience frequent arguments and frustration over clutter and cleanliness. Read some of my definitions of clean in this week's Good Housekeeping Home Style Blog. Share your definition of clean in the comments! Follow me on Twitter for my Daily #ClutterTweetTip,… Read more »

Windex Here, Windex There, Windex Everywhere?

People often ask me how to organize their cleaning supplies… the main question being whether you should store the supplies together in a central location, or have duplicate supplies throughout the house in each bathroom or on each floor? The answer– it depends! Let's look at some of the factors: Who is cleaning? If you have… Read more »

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